Five Reasons Costa Rica is the Best Place on Earth


Back in the summer of 2016, I went on my first trip out of the country to Costa Rica. It was an incredible experience, and out of all of the places that I’ve traveled, Costa Rica still feels like home. The beauty and incredible weather in CR are coupled with some amazing attributes unique to the country, and I cannot wait to return.

Costa Rica is not just a pretty place – so let me tell you why I think this is the best country on Earth.

The Culture

Costa Rica is home to some of the coolest, most laid-back people I’ve ever met. Our first night, we stayed in these awesome pipe houses. Our Airbnb host had made a beautiful home tucked away in Playa Grande. He gave us the best advice, and he even hooked us up with some discount surf lessons from one of his friends. That friend not only taught us how to surf, he took us on an adventure where we kayaked on top of crocodile-ridden waters.


The Surf

Costa Rica is part of the peninsula between North and South America, so it has great surf on both coasts, year round. The warm water requires only a rash guard to catch some waves, which spoiled me for life.


The Biodiversity

Our first night in Costa Rica, we decided to tread out to the beach to look at the full moon. We soon realized we were surrounded by hundreds of colorful crabs, donned in a gorgeous orange and purple outer shell, unlike anything I had ever seen before. We woke up to the sounds of howler monkeys hanging out high up in the trees, tried catching lizards that scurried beneath our feet, and even met this badass biker parrot.


The Food

The food in Costa Rica incredible. Being in such a tropical area, we were surrounded by fresh, organic fruit everywhere we went. All the meats and cheeses we had were fresh. We met an amazing family who made us dinner one of our nights there, and it was the best meal I had ever had in my life.


The Government

The Costa Rican government abolished their military in the 50’s, choosing instead to spend their budget on education. They recently elected a female president, Lauren Chinchilla. The laws enacted in this country lead me to believe that they have the right values in mind, being its own oasis of culture and intellect unlike any other place in the world.

And they have some damn good sunsets.


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